JUN and NOV 03 - and Folk on Tap "The Silverlode"

I've always admired the song writing of Jez Lowe. Now, before someone says yeah but this a Tom Napper & Tom Bliss album I'll quickly explain why I've said that. I like him because he writes great lyrics and melodies for want of a better term "in the traditional style" and for those of you that like Jez I can assure you that Mr Bliss is from the same mould. I only bring this to your attention because I thoroughly recommend this album to anyone who likes a good song - and indeed some superb tune playing as well. As Julie Andrews once said, "Let's start at the very beginning." Well, the opening track 'The Silverlode Of Sark' that lends its title to the album will do nicely. This is a story (slightly embellished according to Tom's notes) telling as it does the tale of a young Cornishman who seeks his fortune working the silver seams on the island of Sark. OK so re-writing history may be seen as a heinous crime to some but in order to convey an entertaining song that will appeal to the majority Tom comes up trumps. Tom Napper's deft mandolin accompaniment to Mr Bliss's punchy rhythm playing is nifty to say the least and coupled together, the pair will hopefully give a certain Mr Beer & Mr Knightley a run for their money! In addition, both are consummate musicians performing on an array of instruments that would keep a Hobgoblin Music manager grinning for a year. Like Show Of Hands (they don't mind being compared according to their sleevenotes), Tom & Tom can also call upon a repertoire of traditional tunes and songs such as 'The Newry Highwayman' and 'The Blue Cockade' but it will be the longevity of their own compositions that will see them making their mark. By the way, check out their website - it's pretty 'geezer' if you get my drift?

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