TB: voice, guitar. This metaphor occurred to me while watching my 12-year-old son Jack dangling dangerously off the artificial Leeds Wall.


Let me down gently, belay me so slow,

I’ve climbed far too high, the sun’s in my eyes, I can’t see where to go

My fingers are slipping, any moment I’ll fall

Let me down gently, you have strength a-plenty

and lead me to safety, away from this wall.


Oh I wanted adventure, I wanted a thrill,

A shot of adrenaline, take a pot-shot at anything, I had time to kill

The ascent was so easy, with you there on the rope

I was light as a spider with you as my guide, and my head full of hope


I did not for one moment, think of how I’d get down

I’d climb up for ever, past the summit to heaven, I’d climb through the clouds

But now I see clearly, all the dangers at hand

There’s no mountain rescue, I’ll just have to trust you, to save this foolish man


Recorded on Mixed Moss