This started life as a Big Country-style rocker and was the climax of the Pearl Divers set for nearly 15 years. When Tom started playing folk again, this was the first of his songs to be converted - by Behind The Wall. Now Andy Fielding's famous riff has evolved into a singular jig. It features the only guitar solo Tom still plays!


I no longer know, if the embers still glow, they are buried so deep in your eyes

But I need to believe, I have only to breathe, and a tempest of fire will arise,

I will carry the torch - till the day that I die

Carry the torch - let it scorch me

Carry the torch - till the day that I die,

Or the day you see the light

Wherever you are, I will watch from afar as you follow the rules of your life

No need to explain my love for this pain, it tells me my soul's still alive.


Whatever you say, from this moment, today, I know I'll always feel just the same

And any odd tears that may moisten the years will never extinguish this flame