Tom Bliss

Slipjig Music

Tom now plays with Phil Cockerham, Paddy Hogan and Den Miller as
The Lost Larks

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“Brilliant’ Mojo

A natural stand-up comic with perfect timing"  
Colin Randall Salut Live

"Tom's youtube videos and even his CDs don't do him justice, this man HAS to be seen live. The Ken Dodd of folk music perhaps!"

"‘Outstanding’·‘A truly wonderful gig’

'Even better than I thought possible"

"This guy has pretty well universal appeal - with his beautiful voice, his accomplished playing of several instruments and the range of his material.  Tom’s songs are accessible and engaging, with humour and singable choruses, and he appeals to the traditionalists and the modernists alike.  We are guaranteed a wonderful evening." Tom and Barbara Brown - Shammic Acoustic Sessions. 

’Tom Bliss is one of the finest songwriters around today - a master craftsman” 

‘amongst the finest synthesis of lyrics and melodies in the folk canon’

"Astonshingly moving and inspirational..." 

Joe Grint, Tykes News. 

”Never have I heard tales told and sung with such humour and skill. A spellbinding couple of hours - where did the evening go?” Terry Ferdinand - Bishop FM


“One of the best nights I've had. Tom Bliss was brilliant; great songs, great performance, superb stories. I was enthralled and so was everyone else.” Simon Goodfellow - FCO Web Forum

"It will be an absolute delight to see Tom play a full solo set.  Brilliant though his pairing with Tom Napper is, Tom’s songwriting skills and musical dexterity on a whole variety of instruments can best be seen unadorned and solo.  Expect songs of the sea; and probably of ghosts and inexplicable happenings as well. Tom is one of the gentlest and most cheerful artists on the circuit. This is a treat for all the cognoscenti of the singer/songwriter’s art." John Waller - Topic Folk Club

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