There's a famous Irish version of this song, and Show of Hands cover the same territory with their Cornish "Flora."

BLISS vocal, guitar NAPPER mandolin


When first I came to Ireland, some pleasure for to find

It was there I spied a damsel fair most pleasing to my mind

Her rosy cheeks her sparkling eyes like arrows pierced my breast

And they called her lovely Molly-o, the Lily of the West.


And soon we fell to lovers, and joy suffused my life,

And it would have served me fine indeed, to take her for my wife,

But I was to the Army wed, and at my Queen's behest

And she was wide-eyed Molly-o, the Lily of the West.


Then her demeanour altered, though she swore she loved me yet

She kissed me long and tenderly, lest I should ever forget

She swore that I was her only love, and put me to the test

Once more to pleasure my Molly-o, the Lily of the West.


And while we were enraptured, all in that sunny glade

There came a Lord of high degree, his fury like a blade

He's dragged her from my loving arms, saying who d'you love the best?

I was then betrayed by Molly-o, the Lily of the West.


And when I came to trial, against me she did stand,

His ring upon her finger now, she swore I'd forced her hand,

That she'd once wept for the love of me, no judge would ever have guessed

But he'd the eye from Molly-o, the Lily of the West.


If I could gain my liberty, a roving I would go,

I'll travel through all England, and over Scotland roam,

Though she sought to swear my life away, she still disturbs my rest,

And I still must style her Molly-o, the Lily of the West