The sunlight woke me early, the bay was wide and blue

I wandered through the sleeping town the way we’d often do

Then out along the dunes and down to where the swallows skim

To let my reverie replay a best-beloved scene


Ten thousand tides have risen, fallen, called by sun and moon

And truth to say our footsteps washed away that afternoon

But in the sand this sentimental man can surely see

There and back, the four-foot track, of my best girl and me.


How many times did we come here? I really couldn’t say

But somehow now they’ve coalesced to one essential day

Of leaping over lacy water, sand between our toes

How may a man be lonely with memories like those?


I can’t blame her for leaving me, I always knew she would

And I must bide content that I did everything I could

The day has dawned when she must hold another hand

And these must be my keepsakes - footprints in the sand