Bob Fox does a similar song called The White Cockade. Show of Hands and The Witches of Elswick prefer this one.

BLISS vocal, mandocello / guitar NAPPER vocal, mandolin


Twas on one Monday's morning as I stepped o'or the moss

I little thought of listing, till the soldiers did me cross

The company enticed me to drink their health all round

And the bounty they gave me, five guineas and a crown


My head was full of drink, love, I never thought of you

And now I'm forced to go and join the orange and the blue

My ship she waits at anchor, to take the flowing tide

I'll return love, in the spring time I'll make you my bride


So early the next morning, before the break of day

The captain gave his orders, and my love marched away

All in your rank and file boys, all on your native shore

Fare-the-well love, you're the lad that I adore


But I hope you never prosper, I hope you always fail

At everything you venture, I hope you ne'er do well

And the very ground you walk on, may the grass refuse to grow

Since you've been the very cause of all my sorrow, grief and woe


It's true my love is 'listed, now he wears that blue cockade

He is a handsome young man, likewise a roving blade

He is a handsome young man, now he's gone to serve the king

While my very heart is aching all for the love of him