65 High Street, St Anne, GY9 3UG, Alderney, Channel Islands (the pink one)

Les Roitelets* is our Alderney home, not a normal commercial let. But we do allow friends, family and, now, Staycation locals to stay, if you’re happy to accept our ‘DIY Housekeeping’ terms. We have a self-catering permit for 6 and most mod cons, now including 4G WiFi pay-as-you-go.

It’s available at well below the usual rate (price on enquiry) because we’ll require you to do your own cleaning, mow the small lawn, drop your linen off at the laundry on your way to the airport, etc. which should only take you a couple of hours. We don’t employ cleaners because our long-term regulars prefer to do it themselves to keep the costs down (flights from the Mainland being so expensive), and when we did try having cleaners we were let down - leaving our next guests high and dry. We realise this won’t suit everyone, but our family’s been running this system successfully for decades and most are delighted to have a cheaper rent in return for a little effort on the last morning.

If you’re content with these terms you’ll need to stay in the house at your own risk, abide by the fire regulations, and pay a cleaning / damage deposit which will be refunded promptly if all goes to plan. No pets - sorry.
(*There was a pair of wrens nesting in the woodshed when we bought the house)